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The Infants School


Florence constructed Namwendwa infant school in 2004. The idea of the school was to provide a quality education to younger students while creating economic activity in the village.

Students pay a small fee to attend the school and Florence uses this money to employ 4 teachers and buy school supplies. In an area where opportunity is mainly given to males, Florence is an extraordinary female role model.

Due to restricted funds, Florence originally constructed the school out of bamboo, from which she taught 123 students but in 2006 the building was destroyed by termites.

Florence refused to give up hope and moved the school into her single bedroom home.

Inspired by Florence's incredible determination, One Village raised the funds to construct a new building for the school.

All materials for the building were purchased locally and throughout 2007 One Village employed people from the Namwendwa community to carry out the work of construction.

Today, the school continues to grow. The future has never looked so bright.

Why did we start the Infant School?

In 2005 while Nikki was teaching at Namwendwa Primary School and St Peter’s Secondary School, she also spend time at Namwendwa Infant School. The infant school was made out of bamboo and had been constructed by Florence on the land behind her home.

Nikki was blown away by Florence’s creativity and determination. She was also impressed with Florence’s interactive teaching style which was a refreshing change from the lecture based teaching commonly used in Uganda. Nikki and Florence developed a strong relationship with Florence and upon leaving Uganda in 2005, decided to give her Florence her phone, so they could continue to stay in contact.

In 2006 Nikki received a phone call from Florence with the devastating news that the infant school had been destroyed by termites. Nikki promised to help.

The goal of raising funds to construct a new building for the infant school played a significant role in Nikki’s decision to register the projects she was undertaking as a registered charity.

What has taken place so far?

During 2007 One Village employed local people to carry out the construction of the infant school and the building was completed by 2008.

The building consists of 2 large classrooms.

At the start of 2009, while members of the Australian One Village executive were in Uganda monitoring the projects, the members also painted the infant school.

The school is now covered in a mural of bright African animals with their names written, as well as the colours of the rainbow, numbers and even a measuring stick next to the giraffe, so the students can watch themselves grow throughout their time at the school.

Looking into the future

The infant school is a private school so it generates its own income. This means that it continues to support the Namwendwa community without any further support from One Village.

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