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Tertiary Scholarships

In 2010 One Village offered tertiary scholarships for the first time. These scholarships sponsor students from St Peter’s Secondary School in Namwendwa to attend various tertiary institutions throughout Uganda.

One Village had begun sponsoring students, initially all girls, to attend St Peter’s Secondary School in 2006. As the first 8 girls to be sponsored in this initiative completed their studies One Village felt the need to further develop the current scholarship scheme. The original scholarship scheme was established as it is a huge struggle for families to raise the required funds to send their children to secondary school, and priority is primarily given to males.

For most families the thought of sending their children, male and female, to university or our equivalent of TAFE, is no more than a dream.

The cost of such education is simply too much for the majority of families. It is for this reason we decided to offer the tertiary scholarships to both males and females.

Tertiary sponsorships have only been made possible by the substantial contribution by the trust fund, Learning For a Better World (LBW), donations from corporate sponsors and general fundraising.

One Village acknowledges with sincere thanks the significant contribution of LBW.

The Ugandan committee manages the awarding of scholarships; paying the fees to the different colleges and helping the students purchase their requirements for the courses




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    You are doing an amazing job.We hope to visit your projects in the near future to gain some insight for ourselves