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Health Awareness

IMG_1194 (1)Village Health Teams 

The 'Village Health Teams' in Namwendwa consist of volunteers that are selected from each different village by

Health projects

Village health educators after their four day workshop.

staff at the local Health Centre. Once selected these teams need to be trained how to teach households about a myriad of diseases.

In 2013, One Village facilitated the training of 4 'Village Health Teams'  (20 people). During the training the teams were taught how to identify high risk individuals i.e. children under 5 that have been vomiting, how to make referrals to health clinics, the importance of referring pregnant women to health centers for antenatal care, household sanitation and how to prevent and treat malaria.

This program was run in partnership with the local government Health Clinic and therefore the ongoing management of The Village Health Teams was handed over to the clinic once the training was completed.

Community Health Education

Since 2007, One Village has been hosting community health education days that aim to raise awareness about preventable diseases in the region. To date we have educated community members about HIV/AIDS, malaria, oral health, physical and mental disabilities and hygiene. As well as education One Village partners with other organisations within the region to deliver free HIV testing and counselling and the distribution of insecticide treated mosquito nets.

In 2011, 170 community health questionnaires were undertaken to determine people’s knowledge of malaria, HIV/AIDS, nutrition, and oral health practices. Malaria was by far the most common disease that people had encountered, but many people were unable to identify its cause. All community members who participated in the questionnaire were asked to attend the health education day where they learnt about malaria, HIV/AIDS and oral health. They were then required to respond to a follow-up questionnaire. The results from these questionnaires where very positive. Additionally, 170 mosquito nets were purchased by those who took part in the questionnaire.

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