One Village Charity Uganda Australia

Construction at Namwendwa Primary School

Since 2008 One Village has been working with teachers from Namwendwa Primary School to improve the schools facilities to create a better learning environment for the pupils.

Before 2009, the classrooms at Namwendwa Primary were overcrowded, they had dirt floors with termite mounds and the windows had no shutters. This made learning very difficult for children, because they were forever sweeping termites out of their classroom and during the rainy season teaching was almost impossible due to rain coming in through the windows. The existing classrooms have since been refurbished and desks and chairs have been purchased for the upper primary students. Additionally, a staff room was constructed, so that teachers have an area where they can mark work and plan lessons (this was previously done under a tree outside). In 2012 solar power was fitted to the staff room and One Village now plans to purchase and educate teachers how to use ICT products.


In South Australia, 1 bottle is worth 10c.

In Uganda, 10c buys 4 bricks.



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