One Village Charity Uganda Australia

Borehole at Namwendwa Primary School

In 2010 One Village constructed a borehole at Namwendwa Primary School.


One Village community borehole.Before this there was no water source on the school grounds: kids were dehydrated and it was difficult to maintain hand-washing facilities at the schools, resulting in poor personal hygiene and health.

In constructing the borehole, the labourers and equipment were all sourced within Uganda to support local businesses. This was an exciting project for the community and  hundreds of people gathered around the site each day to watch the borehole take form.

Access to a borehole at Namwendwa Primary means clean water for the kids at school. The kids can also now take jerry cans of water home from school to use for cooking, drinking and washing at home, rather than having to walk for kilometres to access the closest water source after school.

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