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Borehole at Butaaya Primary School


At the beginning of 2011 there was no water source at Butaaya Primary School and most of the community were collecting water from a swamp some distance from the school where the water was of a very poor quality.

Providing for a water source at Butaaya Primary School which could be available to the community became a high priority.

After a two to three month process of assessment, surveying, drilling and casting the borehole was completed at Butaaya Primary School in July 2011.

It has been very well-received by the community and the students.

The water from the new bore has not yet been tested so conducting a water analysis is the next priority for this project. One Village has received anecdotal information that suggests that the incidence of diarrhoea has decreased as a result of the borehole, but this has yet to be conclusively tested.

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