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Education Projects

Education is the key to freedom

- Fredrick Douglass

In the rural areas of Uganda schooling is a luxury that many cannot afford. At One Village we understand that education is crucial to breaking the cycle of poverty and it for this reason that we construct classrooms and offer scholarships for both secondary education and tertiary education.

Secondary School Scholarships

Students are selected from Namwendwa Primary School on academic merit for a complete scholarship for their entire secondary school education. The scholarship includes their school fees, uniform, books, and exam fees.

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Tertiary Scholarships

Students are selected on academic merit from the secondary school in Namwendwa to attend tertiary courses in teaching, nursing and technical skills. The impact of this program on the individual students and the community at large is unbelievable.

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Construction at Namwendwa Primary School

Classroom constructionThere are over 1,500 students attending Namwendwa Primary School but there are currently only 7 classrooms. The classrooms are vastly overcrowded with up to 200 students per class (February 2011).

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The Infant School

The infant school 2007In 2007 One Village constructed a new building for the Infant School in Namewenda. The school operates as an education based, income-generating project.

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