One Village Charity Uganda Australia

Personal Fundraising

You must be the change you wish to see in the world.

- Mahatma Gandhi

Every individual has the potential to make a difference, and you don't need to travel the world to do it. All One Village projects are only possible because of the funds we raise in Australia. We would love your help.


Organise an event

Concert. Movie night. Auction. Quiz night. Anything you can think of!

Are you a talented musician? Or a movie buff? Or maybe just enjoy organising things. Organise a fundraising event to raise money for a One Village project.

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These days most of us have more than enough stuff, so for your next celebration instead of presents ask your family and friends to help you support the people of Namwendwa, Uganda. This way the joy of your celebration can spread across the globe!

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Gold coin donation day at your work

Funny tie day. Silly socks. Outrageous shirts. Anything you can think of!

Organise a day at your work where everyone gives a cold coin donation to dress differently or do something different on that particular day. Let your creative juices flow. The money you raise could sponsor a specific One Village project or even sponsor a student in Uganda through school. You could put the photo, letter and information of the sponsored student up in your workplace.

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