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Ugandan Team

Education Coordinator - Paul Kasadha

Education CoordinatorPaul Kasadha is the Head Teacher of Nalango Secondary, while he is in this position he hopes to improve his community through education.

Paul has been unofficially involved with the One Village Scholarship Program for many years. During this time he has provided One Village with invaluable ideas to make the scholarship program more successful and sustainable. Aside from One Village work in 2011 he decided to work at a newly constructed senior school for an entire year without pay, so that students in Namwendwa would have access to improved education facilities. He has now made Nalango a government school and is thankfully receiving a wage. Paul's knowledge about the Ugandan education system and intricate understanding of Namwendwa make him an extremely valuable member of the team.

Agriculture Coordinator, Namwendwa Primary School - Richard Bulasio

Richard is a newly employed teacher at Namwendwa Primary School and is full of new lSSiT8MP0GE-5ayT3NGBH94KDbJ-h7F_dwA0wU89wsAideas about how One Village can improve peoples lives through our agriculture projects.

Although Richard has only been teaching at Namwendwa since the start of this year his innovative ideas about how One Village can improve the agriculture plot influenced Allen (Human Resource Coordinator) to encourage him to become officially involved with the organisation. Richard is a fantastic teacher and role model at Namwendwa Primary and spends most of his spare time researching modern agriculture techniques.

Agriculture Coordinator, Butaaya Primary School - Emmanuel

Emmanuel is a teacher at Butaaya and has been involved with the One Village Agriculture Program based at Butaaya Primary since the beginning of 2013. He is incredibly interested in the effective planning and evaluation of the program and in ensuring that One Village works with the local government.

Agriculture Coordinator, Nalango Secondary School - Joshua Waiswa

Joshua was selected by the Head Teacher of Nalango Secondary School to be part of the One Village agriculture program as a result of his desire to improve  the livelihoods of school students through agriculture education.

He currently lives at Nalango Secondary School and has been instrumental in starting the banana plantation at the school. In April, 2013 Joshua attended an agriculture workshop with other One Village volunteers and is now teaching the students the skills that he gained.

Health Coordinator - Lovisa Balidawa

Lovisa is a nurse at the Namwendwa Health Centre. Despite her very busy role at the clinicHealth Coordinator she is determined to coordinate health projects that will assist the wider community.

At the health centre Lovisa specialises in oral health and therefore educating the community about dental health is something she is very passionate about. In addition to her role as a dental nurse Lovisa helps run a clinic specifically for HIV positive patients who are on anti-retro-viral medication and she has now been taught how to identify and treat malnourished children. Lovisa's knowledge about health problems in Namwendwa coupled with her desire to make a difference in her community makes her a perfect health coordinator for One Village.

Human Resources Coordinator - Allen Byogero

AllenAllen is a teacher at Namwendwa Primary School as well as running her own successful poultry farm which she started from the ground up. She also has extensive knowledge in the field of disability and has written a thesis on blind people living in Namwendwa.

Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting (PMER) - Jackson Walusaga


PMER is essential for the success of all of our programs, therefore our PMER Coordinator is an incredibly important team member. Jackson works as a part-time secondary teacher at Nalango and St.Peter's Secondary School. He was selected for this role because he works in both of the areas One Village works and he is also very interested in our programs.

Since starting with One Village, Jackson has attended a two day PMER workshop and a one day PMER training day, so that he can educate other volunteers about the importance of PMER.

Supervisor - Moses Sande

Moses SandeMoses is also a teacher at Namwendwa Primary School and alongside his role as a supervisor he assists in the management of the agricultural project. Moses has a keen interest and vast knowledge in all things Ag related and has been attending seminars on modernizing farming techniques, types and variety of crops grown, and forestation.

Supervisor - Edith Sande

EdithEdith is the Head Teacher of Butaaya Primary School and has been indirectly involved with the organisation since it begun in 2007.

Before she began teaching at Butaaya the school had no classrooms and the school relied on community members to bring bricks to school to build classrooms. Due to her hard work two large classroom blocks were built by the government.

Edith recently graduated from university, which is a tremendous achievement for a woman living in rural Uganda.