One Village Charity Uganda Australia

Australian Committee

One Village is made up of two management committees, one in Namwendwa, Uganda and one in Adelaide, South Australia.

The community in Namwendwa identifies needs and concerns of the area. The Ugandan and Australian committee both then research possible projects to address the identified need, with sustainability being at the forefront of the decision making process.

The Australian committee provides the funds for the projects and supports the Ugandan committee to oversee the implementation of the projects, and to monitor and evaluate them.


Founder and General Member - Nikki Lovell

Nikki LovellTo Namwendwa, Uganda Nikki is known as Kawooda. It means the youngest girl of twins - long story!

Other than her involvement with One Village, Nikki is also studying law and spanish at Flinders University. In a perfect world Nikki would spend her days riding bicycles, climbing mountains, eating greek yogurt at the beach, and then using her travel machine to nip over to Uganda and hang with all her friends over there, and maybe work on a project too...

President - Maddy Dodd

Maddy is a registered nurse and is currently undertaking a Masters of International Health at the University of New South Wales.

In 2008 Maddy fell in love with the goals, values and people of One Village and has since Maddydevoted all of her spare time to the organisations development. She is currently on her third visit to Namwendwa and will be back in June, 2013. Maddy has a particular interest in malaria and nutrition and hopes that her and other local health workers can improve these neglected areas of healthcare in Namwendwa.

Vice President - Erin Holmes (Monitoring and Evaluation)

Erin HolmesErin (or Kwagala as she is known in Namwendwa) has been involved with One Village since 2009, but has been involved in development projects around the world for a number of years.

After working and volunteering in Peru and Cambodia, she is excited to now be helping out Namwendwa through One Village. After previously holding the position of Action Group Coordinator for One Village she is excited to take on the role of Vice-President. Erin is looking forward to heading back to Uganda in 2012 to conduct monitoring and evaluation activities with the Ugandan team for all of the One Village projects, while continuing to work towards her Masters of International Health.

Secretary - Suren Ladd

Suren is from the sunny island of Sri Lanka and is a student at Flinders University, currently studying International Development.

He joined One Village in 2012 and has been involved in a variety of projects. He has a keen interest in poverty reduction through education and agriculture development.  A wily off spinner, he regularly attends cricket matches and yearns for Liverpool to win the Premiership.

Treasurer - Brad Butler

Brad ButlerBrad, the treasurer of One Village has 3 children and is very active in their lives. Likewise Brad is active in his community as a humanitarian supporter, refugee advocate and sport administrator.

Brad is passionate about family, community, good food and good friends in addition to sharing passions for sport, outdoor pursuits and overseas travel.

General Member - Stephanie Noble (Communications)

Stephanie NobleStephanie is a student at Adelaide University currently studying Engineering and Arts.

She became involved with One Village in 2008 and has since been over to Uganda to check out the projects and meet the Ugandan volunteers. As well as uni and One Village and her job Steph also enjoys rock climbing, painting, cooking, gardening and travelling.

General Member - Chanelle Corena

Chanelle joined One Village in 2010 via the action group, coming to the organisation with an academic and professional background in public health and health promotion.

Chanelle has been able to apply her community engagement, evaluation and research skills to the work of One Village when she visited Namwendwa in early 2011. Before being elected as secretary at the One Village AGM in 2011, Chanelle helped to organise events and assisted in the organisation of committee meetings.

General Member - Zhi Lin Oh

Zhi is a student at the University of Adelaide currently studying Engineering and Economics.

She became involved in One Village in 2012 after discovering a great interest in development economics.  She hopes to combine her economics and engineering training to help make a difference for the school kids and families in Namwendwa.

General Member - Andrew Morecroft

Andrew MorecroftAndrew is a Corporate Lawyer who loves life and helping others improve theirs.

Andrew is a dedicated family man and wants to help other families throughout the world. Andrew cares about the environment, lives in a mud-brick house in the bush and loves camping, bushwalking, snow skiing and travel. Having many friends from Africa One Village is a great opportunity to help make a difference to the lives of the children and families in Namwendwa, Uganda.

General Member - Lynda Lovell (Scholarships Coordinator)

Lynda LovellLynda has a background in social work and is involved in her local community.

Family and friends are very important to her and her interests include walking, gardening, the beach, travel and cooking.

General Member - Vaibhav Garg

Vaibhav was personally inspired by the people of Namwendwa on his trip to Uganda in 2011.

In particular he was impressed by the work done by the health personnel in providing basic health care in a low resource setting. He now volunteers with One Village sharing his knowledge and skills from his oral health background in planning and implementing initiatives promoting better health outcomes in the communities of Namwendwa and Butaaya.