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Maddy Dodd (President)

MaddyMaddy is a registered nurse who has a Masters of International Health from the University of New South Wales.

In 2008 Maddy fell in love with the goals, values and people of One Village and has since devoted all of her spare time to the organisations development. She has been to Uganda 3 times and in 2013 spent 6 months in the community. Maddy has a particular interest in the impact education can have on sexual health and community empowerment.


Nikki Lovell (Founder)

Nikki LoveNikki founded One Village in January 2007 after first living and working in Namwendwa in 2005. Nikki holds a Bachelor of Laws and Legal Practise (Honours), a Diploma in Languages, and is also the author of 'We are One Village', published by Allen & Unwin 2012. The  book details the experiences that first led Nikki to travel to Uganda, the connections she made, and the journey to set up One Village.


Brad Butler (Treasurer)

Brad, the treasurer of One Village has 3 children and is very active in their lives. Likewise Brad is Brad Butleractive in his community as a humanitarian supporter, refugee advocate and sport administrator.

Brad is passionate about family, community, good food and good friends in addition to sharing passions for sport, outdoor pursuits and overseas travel.


Lynda Lovell (Scholarships Coordinator)

Lynda has been involved with One Village since its commencement and has been particularly active in coordinating the scholarships programs. Her visit to Namwendwa in 2015 was a wonderful experience, especially meeting the people she has heard about and been in contact with over the years and seeing the positive impact One Village is having in the community.


Andrew Morecroft

Andrew MorecroftAndrew is a Corporate Lawyer who loves life and helping others improve theirs.

Andrew is a dedicated family man and wants to help other families throughout the world. Andrew cares about the environment, lives in a mud-brick house in the bush and loves camping, bushwalking, snow skiing and travel. Having many friends from Africa One Village is a great opportunity to help make a difference to the lives of the children and families in Namwendwa, Uganda.