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Village health educators after their four day workshop.

Last week One Village organised a workshop for 20 village health educators from Namwendwa Sub-County.

Village health educators work as a team of 5 in every village located in Namwendwa. Their main role is to provide health education to households within their zone to decrease the incidence of common preventable diseases. They work on a voluntary basis and play a vital role in mobilising pregnant women to health centres, educating families about childhood immunisations, nutrition, hygiene, sexual health and malaria.Village health teams (VHTs) are supposed to be educated by the Ugandan government. However, as a result of poor funding 300 of the 400 VHTs in Namwnedwa have not received training and therefore cannot fulfill their role.

Since training the VHTs, 2 of the teams have already drawn village maps to determine how many households, pregnant women, pharmacies, schools and churches are in their zones. All of this information is important in understanding what health projects should be a priority and what areas are most at need.

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