One Village Charity Uganda Australia

Join our Scholarship Program and help us fight poverty through education.

Scholarship students, education project

Some of the happy girls from the One Village scholarship program.

‘It is true that knowledge acquired/passed onto a girl is passed on to so many people. There are many advantages of keeping a girl child in school namely; the girl will be free from early marriages associated with teenage pregnancies, e.g. instead of starting at 13-14 years as normally the case with school drop outs, she will think of marriage after school normally 20-23 years old.’ Paul Kasadha One Village Education Coordinator

Since the start of the One Village Scholarship program we have assisted 80 girls and 12 boys by providing them with the opportunity to attend secondary school. A secondary scholarship for a young person from an impoverished family has the ability to help them and their family members break free from the poverty they were born in to.

One Village is currently looking for your support to help us fight poverty through education. If you’re interested please contact or

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