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City to Bay 2012!

What are you up to on the 16th of September? Just another lazy Sunday? Well we at One Village would love you to put those running (or walking) shoes on and help us raise funds for our fantastic projects in the City to Bay.

To sign up follow our instructions which firstly show you how to sign up for the run/walk and then how to be part of our fundraising team.

Step 1: City to Bay sign up

If you took part in City to Bay in 2011 just use your username and password to sign up for City to Bay 2012.

If you did not take part in the City to Bay last year. Use this handy guide to sign up:

Under Group name and Team name: Search for and select 'One Village'

After you have entered the race you can then go on and create your Everyday hero account (if you don't already have one) to be sponsored for the race and raise money for One Village.

Follow the instructions below to get going

Step 2: Everyday Hero:

Now that you have entered the City to Bay race here is how to join the fundraising page:
1. Proceed to the Everyday Hero sign up page: in the online form to create your fundraiser account.

Proceed to the One Village Profile page on Everyday Hero:

Proceed to the ‘Charities’ page and select ‘One Village’ Charities page website: for ‘One Village’ Click on Tab labelled: ‘Fundraising events and profile of One Village’ Once at the One Village Profile Page: Under the heading ‘Fundraise for One Village’ select ‘Sunday Mail City-Bay Fun Run 2012’ On the left side of the page click: ‘Start Fundraising’ This will take you to the charity search page. Type in ‘One Village’ A menu with search results should appear below the search box Click ‘Choose’ under the description for One Village You will now be at the ‘Choose type of fundraising page’ Scroll down to the grey text: Join an existing team’ Click: ‘Join Team’ This will take you to the team search page. Under ‘Search by keywords’, type in ‘One Village’ Under search results ‘One Village City to Bay’ Should appear Click ‘Join One Village City to Bay’ The next page will then ask you for a password. Under Please enter the team password key in ‘village2012’ you are now part of the One Village City to Bay fundraising team.

Now comes the fun part. Tell all your friends and family that you are going to be taking part in the city to bay. Ask them to sponsor you for the race. You can forward them the following link to donate to one village and leave messages of support for you.

To donate click ‘DONATE NOW’ on the top right of the page.

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