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Donate the difference- June 2012!

Donate the Difference is a celebration of community. It is an opportunity to invite friends and family for dinner, whilst raising awareness for, and donating to communities in Eastern Uganda. Community in Namwendwa and Eastern Uganda is hugely valued, with the sharing of meals commonplace between family and friends.

Currently, these communities are experiencing a severe drought and facing famine, as they rely on subsistence farming for survival.To celebrate their sense of community, and raise money in this particularly dire time, One Village invites you to host a dinner party whereby guests are asked to bring a plate of food. However, everyone will bring a dish that costs less than what they would have normally spent, either on ingredients or at a restaurant. The difference between the actual cost of the meal and the usual cost of the meal will then be donated.

Donate the Difference will be launched over the weekend of the 29th of June to the 1st of July, 2012. Sign up to receive your information pack and to get updates: . You can also sign up to our Donate the Difference Facebook page to keep on top of all the latest news:

And if the joy of sharing good times and a meal with your family and friends and donating to a great cause was not enough, we've got another surprise for you! Our good friends at HEDONIST WINES have donated a dozen mixed wines for the dinner party in South Australia that raises the most money. Will it be you?

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