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We are very proud of our record on administration costs. When sponsors commit to supporting the cost of an educational scholarship for a student in Namwendawa or Butuya all the funds are forwarded direct to Uganda. A One Village volunteer in Uganda then withdraws funds and pays the direct costs of the educational delivery.

Our analysis of past admin costs on the ground in Uganda shows that an average of around 2% of the total funds transferred to Uganda is spent on admin in Uganda. We obviously have some admin costs at the Australian end of One Village but at this stage the bulk of these costs, including bank transfers, printing, postage, website, insurance, internet, travel , etc are paid for directly by committee members, volunteers or business and corporate supporters.

When you make a donation, you know you are making a difference.


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  • Guest

    (citation needed) What about cost of moving money/accepting donations? Travel? Web design/hosting? Financial statements and/or the results of an audit would go a long way to supporting your claim.

    • Brad Butler

      Thanks for your comment. We really appreciate your input and have updated our blog entry so that it more accurately reflects our practices.